We have Basic Obedience Trained dogs for sale now.These young dogs below are doing a
great job....(heel,sit,down,place,come,stand, kennel,load and stay.The stay command is
automatic command.If you do not want to deal with the chewing of your shoes,furniture and
other puppy things during the puppy stage consider one of these very sweet dogs..So why buy
a puppy that will need to be trained when you can get one of these guys.I will pass on easy
instructions to you on how to keep you dog in top trained condition....These dogs love training
and will love you as their master.They will help you loose weight or just get in shape by walking
or jogging with them.They will make you the best walking or jogging partner.Ready when you
are..No more excuses.These guys are ready for a walk or jog anytime.Five miles a day,no
problem..Dogs love to spend time with their master.By spend time with them its a win-win for
you and your dog..What better way to get in shape or to loose some un-wanted pounds..Most
people don't use that Gym member-ship for long anyway.Use that money for one of these dogs
and a bag of dog food....Who can refuse your dog begging for that daily walk.Walk the dog
Loose the weight!    >>>>>>>>>>>
Obedience Trained dogs...
From time to time...